3C Arredi

It is one century of history filled with passion for wood handed down for four generations that has led to the birth of 3C ARREDI, a dynamic and capable company which was founded with the objective of furnishing and optimizing every kind of space and ambience with high quality finish.

Housing, shops, offices, accommodation facilities, pleasure boats, 3C Arredi is the perfect union of experience and the combination of handcrafted work with technology that is able to realize your project.

Through the usual artisan methods, accompanied by numerical cnc control technology for pantograph processing, the company uses to their fulfillment the most representative techniques of cabinetmaker and boating art. Furniture covering and furniture by means of utilization of veneers, laminates, metals and fabrics, inlays and carvings, solid and lamellar frames, gratings and gluing techniques on molds made directly on site to bend and shape wood elements.
Thanks to the professionalism of the qualified staff, the style of its products, the attention to the details and to the maximum rigor in the installation, the company is distinguished by its handcrafts becoming a hallmark and a synonym for elegance and quality.

The Company

Officially founded in 1999 in the southern part of Rome as a sole proprietorship, the carpentry 3C ARREDI is conceived through some processes of growth and development, representing a serious and qualified company in the furniture industry, the ideal partner to entrust your projects.

Despite their young age, their founders, the Castiglia brothers, now represent all the tradition, experience and passion for wood inherited from their father Ciro.

In the beginning the core business was the marine industry in which the company based its own roots and drew its master craftsmanship. Later the stimulus to reveal the ability to satisfy all needs and its customers has prompted the company to expand and diversify their production strength, exporting with satisfaction the Made in Italy beyond national boundaries through the luxury residential furniture.

The planning and realization of working drawings, the production with the aid of CNC technology and lacquering using the pressurized cabin, are all services provided within the company itself.

Competence, experience and highly qualified staff are at your disposal.

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